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Read This Important Information Before You Sell Your Gold or Jewelry!

CN Cash for Gold is one of the most reputable gold-buying companies in the Wichita and Greater Kansas City Area. Our gold-buying stores are located in KCMO, Shawnee, Overland Park, and Wichita.

We’ve been in the gold-buying business long enough to understand that most individuals aren’t likely to trust just anyone with their gold jewelry and other valuable items, and this is why we’re committed to helping our customers get more when they visit one of our stores in Kansas City or Wichita. At CN Cash for Gold, you get more information about your gold and other precious metals. You get more customer service. And, you get more money for the items you choose to sell!

At CN Cash for Gold, we make it easy to sell unwanted gold, silver, platinum, jewelry, and diamond gemstones for top dollar. For quick cash, visit one of our eight locations or call 855-465-3888 for CN Cash for Gold.

Get MORE Cash for Your Gold, Silver, or Platinum Jewelry!

Before you sell your unwanted gold to one of those other gold buying stores, shop around to make sure you’re getting the highest price for your gold and precious metals. CN Cash for Gold is proud to pay top dollar for gold, silver, platinum, jewelry, and diamonds.

It’s so easy! Come in to one of our 3 convenient locations, have a Gold Buying Professional at CN Cash for Gold evaluate your gold items, and receive a payout on the spot.

We buy almost anything that is made from gold, silver, or platinum. We’ll buy your unwanted gold jewelry, scrap jewelry, gold or silver rings, gold charms, gold or silver necklaces and bracelets, gold or silver coins, sterling silverware sets, luxury watches, and more. If you want to sell your gold, silver, or platinum, CN Cash for Gold is buying NOW. We also buy diamonds: loose or set, in all cuts and sizes!

We pay out for gold and other precious metals on the spot. When you come in to sell your gold, silver, or platinum items, you will leave with money in your pocket. Our payments are based on karat, weight, and the market price of gold and other precious metals.

We purchase gold and silver items for the value of the precious metals alone. Design and beauty of the piece do not factor into pricing, as we are not a retailer and do not resell items. Retailers have astronomical markup rates due to the numerous resources it takes to create and sell one piece of fine jewelry. However, in most cases we do purchase items at a higher rate than you would get from a private buyer.

An appraisal, by definition, is an estimate of the approximate retail replacement value of a piece of jewelry by a qualified jeweler, usually for insurance purposes. Therefore, an appraisal of a piece of fine jewelry is not a true value, as it takes into account numerous factors other than the value of the actual gold content.

We do purchase all diamonds: loose or set in jewelry. However, we do not purchase colored gem stones. We do provide stone removal at your request as a service to accommodate the fact that we do not purchase gem stones.

We understand that today’s economy has put a strain on many. Whether you need quick cash to pay your bills or your mortgage, or just want to treat yourself to something nice, CN Cash for Gold gives you the quick cash you need without the hassle (and risk) of pawn shops or pay day loans!
We buy almost any kind of gold, silver or platinum – even things that other gold buyers won’t accept. We buy these items in any shape or condition. Please click here to see our What We Buy page for a complete list of gold, silver, and platinum items we’re currently buying. Keep in mind: we also buy diamonds and luxury watches!
Most companies that advertise on TV spend a huge chunk of their budget on the cost to make the TV commercial and promote it. Since we’re a locally-based company without a massive advertising budget – we can afford to pay you more than those other guys!


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Note: If you’re not sure whether your jewelry is platinum or white gold, we’ll test your white gold or platinum items to determine the precious metal content and pay you accordingly!